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Drew considers himself more than just a cinematographer/filmmaker, but moreso a CREATIVE. He gained a firm grasp on media practices during his tenure at both Clark Atlanta University and Georgia State University. Immediately after choosing film/video major, he realized hat he had a knack for detailed editing and creating captivating visuals.

Drew built his reputation in the industry by using social media platforms to get his talent out to the masses. After creating a well-known social media presence, Drew started to receive calls. Although he is an expert in photography, videography, graphic design and web design to name a few, many people are attracted to his fiery editing style. In 2011, Drew was hired as an editor at an award-winning film company. Although he wasn’t able to showcase the many talents that his creativity called for, he gained valuable experience which allowed him to master programs such as , Adobe Creative Suite, FCPX, web design, drone piloting and much more; as well as a foot in the door as a director and producer. During Drew’s tenure with the company, he wore the shoes of a director and producer and those roles helped reveal his passion of film. Day jobs turned into something Drew could complete within a few hours. Due to Drew’s hard work and dedication, he has accomplished feats on a mass scale at the mere age of 26.


Drew has had the privilege to work with many photographers as an artist and model which has helped him to expand his brand significantly as a videographer, editor, photographer, actor and model. He has solidified his role as a respected filmmaker, working with clients like Sir John (Celebrity Makeup Artist/ L'Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador - Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell, and more) and Terrence Davidson (Celebrity Hairstylist - Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Remy Ma, Trina, and more), Today, social media is used by creatives to inspire and to be inspired. With the help from social media and his exposure as a filmmaker, Drew has created his own brand from scratch and is a respected visionary in the industry.

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